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Blog dedication to Vampire Knight and solely Zeki.
Vampire Knight © Matsuri Hino
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Take Me Away - U-KISS (유키스)

When the clock strikes twelve, in my dream, I open my eyesAmongst the crowd of cheers, we are dancing together.
When the clock strikes twelve, in my dream, I open my eyes
Amongst the crowd of cheers, we are dancing together.
ghoularmin asked: Re: not getting to see much actual zeki... Yeah it's kinda lame. I guess we have fanfiction and keeping fingers crossed for more bonus material from Hino. I laugh at myself constantly, though, because I think "So...why am I still so attatched to VK? Why did I keep reading it, when most of the time I just spent seething in anger at Kaname, and shaking my head in disappointment at Yuuki, and pining for some Zeki interaction?" It was a combo of hate-reading and desperately holding out hope, I guess

And holding onto that smallest flicker of hope will always be our most defining quality among the Zeki shippers, omg. XD The amount of bull-effery we had to deal with all over the place but tried to stay positive.. damn, sometimes I wonder how we kept faith in our ship, LOL.

For me it was all for Zero though. I wouldn’t like vk at all if it wasn’t for him to be honest. The only thread that kept me bound to vk was to know the exact outcome for Zero’s fate and having hope he’d be happy, ugh. > < I’m actually glad we were able to see him happier/have a happy ending at the end. 

We do have to survive on fanfiction for any satisfaction.. but sadly isn’t much if you’ve ever looked any up.. which makes me sad.. :( I’m so picky about what I read so I barely see anything that catches my fancy and I don’t have too much hope for the next bonus chapter.. heh XD I just don’t trust Hino remotely in the least bit. She’s disappointed me for the last time. I’m glad others have hope, and I really don’t want any of you guys to have that terrible disappointment anymore. :( Hino has played with our heart strings enough > <

ghoularmin asked: since vk came out on netflix i've been rewatching the show, and i got a resurgence of emotions for the show and manga, and especially zeki, so i followed a bunch of you zekis and i gotta say you guys are all GREAT.

Awhh! I’m glad your love for VK has been rekindled X3 [especially your love for Zeki, haha].

I agree, all Zeki’s are amazingly awesome and I love every single one of you guys. ♥ ;o 

Thank you for the lovely message, deary! :)

(잔혹동화) Cruel Fairy Tale - IU
Anonymous asked: Hi! :) what do you think about fact that zeki fan get "Nothing" of life "full of happiness"? Isn't it unfair for Zeki? We saw a lot of moments Yume's life and nothing of Zeki's. I'm just think Zeki fan deserve more than pity two words of happy life. manga is not a book and we should not be satisfied with words. I want see how Zero's child was born and how finally that damn Yuki passionately make love with Zero

Hi anon, dear. :3 Yeah, I understand your disappointment, we all were and the blame falls on LaLa and Hino. Hino didn’t pace her manga correctly in any way but LaLa didn’t allow her to properly end her story they way she envisioned it. :\

I’ve kinda guessed that Hino just felt that it was obvious how Zero and Yuuki could live happily ever after blissfully so she doidn’t feel obligated to show it even though we do deserve the emotional payoff after seeing the success of our ship’s happiness.. but i digress 8D

Ahem, but yeah, i’d love to see daddy Zero playing with the lil kiddies, a hubby Zero and a wifey Yuuki all in their marriage-filled bliss and all that good stuff but I guess we’ll have to take the words of a promise filled happiness of a thousand years from Yuuki and Zero plus their smiles to quell our thirst for more into their blissful life. ;A;

I wish to see you smile too, Zero...
I wish to see you smile too, Zero...

Do any of you lovely zeki shippers like to listen to kpop?


If so, would anyone like it if I started a song of the week dedicated to zeki… .

(though I won’t do it unless this post reaches a couple of notes) ⋂‿⋂ So yeaa if your interested please like or reply etc.

Okay basically i’ll be posting up a song and translate one or two lines that fits well with zero and yuuki relationship through out the manga(○゜ε^○)

Most songs will be kinda mellow, while some will be a little upbeat.

I’ll also be posting a few songs in japanese huhu c: 

Thats all for now, have a nice day/night *rolls awaay*